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Welcome to HAMMANN!

We, the HAMMANN company are cleaning water pipe networks efficiently and sustainably since 1998. Our fields of action are municipal water pipe networks, water pipe installations in buildings and industrial systems. In case of deposits inside the pipes, we are the experts to remove them thoroughly without chemical cleaning agents.

So our key product is the patented impulse flushing process, the COMPREX® process, which has been developed by us before. This process is continuously improved by us and can be adapted perfectly to the individual needs of our customers.

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Developed by HAMMANN:




Our impulse-flushing method COMPREX® works entirely without chemical cleaning agents. Instead, it relies on pure physics: we insert filtered air into the pipe – in calculated and controlled impulses ! Therefore, packages of air and water form themselves alternatingly. These packages are passing the pipe with high velocities. The resulting turbulences on the phase boundaries induce high forces of shear stress on the scales. Thus they are mobilized and removed reliably. The results are clean pipes and clean water – efficient mild and economical.

Municipal water pipe systems




Raw water, drinking water or pressure mains - we are taking care of free, unblocked ways in your water pipe system. Meanwhile we do not only solve scales in the pipe, but also other problems such as maintenance of instruments such as gate valves.

Drinking water installations in buildings




Problems with impurities and scales in drinking water installations in a building? We ensure that hygienically clean water comes from each tap as it is delivers from the water supplier. This can be done preventively or in cases of turbidity of the water or even in case of contamination with legionella.

Industrial (water-) pipe systems




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Pipes in industrial networks are transporting liquids such as water or chemicals. They are also used for heat transfer. During these applications, scales such as biofilms are formed. Another large problem in various fields of industry is fouling in heat exchangers. We are tackling these problems with a lot of Know-how and experience.

Maintaining pipe networks

COMPREX® netcare

We are offering to municipalities reliable care services to ensure hygienically and hydraulically proper conditions in the pipe network: COMPREX® netcare. This service package contains the inspection and reenabling of hydrants und gate valves.

Always state of the art

Our research activities

Progress through research is one of our strongest driving forces which can be proven by our research activities with strong an reknown partners, e.g. the BMBF joint research project Mikrobielle Verockerung (“formation of ochre by microbes”) in technical systems.

Innovations by HAMMANN

Our patents

We are continuously improving, developing and redefining our patented impulse flushing method COMPREX® in order to be able to offer it in different levels of service. A new European patent for the “turbo” of our COMPREX®-process has been granted recently.