Topic:Microbiology of ochre formation in technical systems ("Anti-Ocker")
Duration:01.02.2011 till 31.01.2014
Direction:Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Gerd Hammann
Coordination:Prof. Dr. Ulrich Szewzyk
Participants:8 research parters (among: HAMMANN GmbH)
5 industrial partners
Type of participation:Participation as research partner
Project:Sub project 8: Effectiveness of the COMPREX®-process for removal of ochre from raw water pipelines, well pipelines and risers


From 2011 bis 2014, we were an active research partner in the joint project „Microbiology of ochre formation in technical systems“ funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Key objective of that project: reenabling installations, which are blocked by ochre, to preserve resources – with less demand of water for cleaning and energy savings by regularly cleaned installations and pipes.

A test rig with transparent pipes has been installed. On these pipes, magnets with different but defined forces were installed. Iron elements were given into the pipe to simulate ochre impurities with different adhesion forces.

In the research project, we succeeded to prove the effectiveness of our COMPREX®-process for the removal of ochre Verockerungen from raw water pipelines, well pipelines- and risers. and to increase the performance of cleaning significantly with this new know how.

In the context of this project, two patents were granted.