COMPREX® netcare is the most efficient method for maintenance of water supply networks in combination with COMPREX® cleaning.


COMPREX® netcare is the method of maintenance for gate valves based on the
actual condition for municipal water pipe networks. It is a perfect complementary element to conventional COMPREX® cleaning. The combination of both, COMPREX® cleaning and COMPREX® netcare results in a hygienically and hydraulically proper state. The lifetime of gate valves is extended. The number of gate valves which have to be repaired can be reduced.


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Prior cleaning, there is the best opportunity for COMPREX® netcare

During normal operation, most gate valves are open. Sediments and scales can be formed in their housings and derogate their functionality. In some cases, valves do not close properly or cannot be operated anymore.

The valve´s functionality can only be checked in case of a shutdown of the pipe, e.g. just before COMPREX® cleaning.

That´s how it works:

First, a defined section of the pipe which has to be cleaned, must be closed by the limiting valves. Whether the valves are tight or not can be seen at the hydrant outlet point. Non or badly tightening valves are identified and marked. Then they are trained specifically by multiple opening and closing of the valve. This procedure is supported by the simultaneously conducted COMPREX® process.

Thereby, between 50 % and 70% of the insufficiently working valves can be reenabled. Since the COMPREX® cleaning is done after the reenabling of the valves, it is ensured that all mobilized sediments and impurities are discharged reliably from the pipe.


The advantages of COMPREX® netcare

• hygienically and hydraulically proper state of network through cleaning

• Inspection of all valves for their functionality

• Reenabling of 50 % - 70 % of all badly and non closing valves

• Identification of obviously defect instruments according to specified criteria

• Documentationof defect valves and clear labelling at place

• Significant reduction of number of valves which have to be changed

• Reduction of interruptions of supply caused by exchange of valves

• Optimization of costs due to extended lifetime of gate valves

• Extended intervals of maintenance due to state oriented maintenance

COMPREX® netcare extends the lifetime of gate valves and therefore reduces the number of valves which have to be changed.