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Heat Exchanger Fouling and Cleaning 2015 - Paper online !

The proceedings of  the HEAT EXCHANGER FOULING AND CLEANING XI conference are now online. Each of the talks and posters are now published as a peer-reviewed article on that conference´s website. Read HAMMANN´s article on cleaning heat exchangers with the COMPREX - process here.

Half time – Preliminary results of the joint research project WÄRMER

After the end of June 2015, the first half of our research project “WÄRMER” was finished. On the project meeting on October 1st and 2nd, we collected the preliminary results. All the test rigs are in operation and the experiments ongoing.
The first half of the project already delivered promising results. Most of our technical units are already equipped with the new software to control the COMPREX – process. Newly developed cleaning programmes have been successfully tested in practical cases.
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Heat Exchanger Fouling and Cleaning 2015

From June, 7th till June 12th, we delivered a contribution to the HEAT EXCHANGER FOULING AND CLEANING XI conference in Enfield, Ireland. There, we successfully presented and discussed the application of our technologies on the cleaning in place of heat exchangers. We enjoyed fruitful discussions with an excellent community from academia and industry.

WÜMEK Technology Management in hospitals

In April 2015, HAMMANN delivered two contributions on the WÜMEK 2015 congress about technology management in hospitals. According to its portfolio, we published the recent state of our technology for cleaning house installations and heat exchangers.

Energy efficiency in industry

In November 2014, HAMMANN contributed to the success of the 8th Annual Meeting for Energy efficiency in Bonn, Germany. There, the expertises of HAMMANN was shown on a booth in the exhibition area and in a presentation given by our Company´s Managing Partner, Hans-Gerd Hammann

HAMMANN successfully at IFAT 2014

From May, 5th to May 9th, 2014 HAMMANN participates successfully the booth of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research on the IFAT. The IFAT is the world´s largest showplace for eco-technology. HAMMANN presentes its showpiece "Get in touch with COMPREX®", which gives the visitor an opportunity to explore and feel the force of COMPREX®