ExtraQt® stands for:
An extra quantity of Q in an extra short time t.


Not every case demands the entire performance of our COMPREX®-process. In simpler cases of pipe care of as measurement for the conservation of clean networks, our Water-Suction-Rinsing process ExtraQt® is the appropriate solution.

ExtraQt® is suitable to remove rust, simply removable corrosion films and sediments at flow velocities of 0,5 to 1,0 m/s. The process also allows rinsing according to the DVGW worksheet W 291 to discharge soft sediments and light impurities at flow velocities of 2 – 3 m/s.


ExtrQT2_WSS 032

Fascinating effect

The ExtraQt® process is based on the precise projection and acceleration of shear stress onto the inner wall of the pipe. This is realized by an effective suction pump with a variety over a broad range which is connected with the hydrant at the discharge point. The shear force increases dynamically by increasing the quantity of withdrawn water by 50 % to 120 %. These forces are imposed onto the inner wall, therefore corrosion films and sediments (e.g. Iron-III-compounds are discharged reliably and quickly).

Optimally calculated

Before starting the ExtraQt® process the optimal shear force is calculated. Therefore, a multitude of parameters are used, e.g. diameter and material of the pipe, topographic data and the length of the cleaned section. Of course, all of these figures are accurately documented for you.

Extra large rinsing sections

Depending on local conditions, we are able to clean up to 1,5 km of pipe (DN 80 to DN 100) or up to 5 km of pipe (DN 125). Our equipment allows to rinse pipes of diameters up to DN 300 (in special cases up to DN 400) with ExtraQt®. The success of the procedure is determined by several factors such as hydraulic conditions, topography and the maximum possible flow of water. In municipal pipe networks we are able to deliver a daily performance of 5 – 8 km.

The advantages of ExtraQt®

• High daily performance (5-8 km), fast progress of work

• Effective discharge of mobilizable corrosion films and sediments

• Required shear force is obtained verifiably

• No damage of covering layers

• Reduced consumption of water by effects through acceleration (just approx. 1,5 times volume of pipe)

• No subsequent rework, e.g. purge of air is neccessary

• Comprehensive documentation with parameters and digital photos

• Short interruptions of supply and limited disturbance of consumers

The ExtraQt® process offers a high daily performance,
with low demand of water and high cost effectiveness.