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You are operating or maintaining municipal water pipelines to ensure the supply of water in your area.


So we are:
Since decades we are active for numerous municipalities in Germany and around. Our key competence is to clean pipelines for drinking water, raw water and waste water efficiently and sustainably. In that time, we gained vast experience in developing, manufacturing and maintaining the technical equipment.

What happens at your place:
COMPREX® on mission


The success of a project depends on excellent planning. Therefore we develop our cleaning strategy in advance of the project, either based on plans or on a visit. The sections which have to be cleaned are determined with the customer as well as the injection point and discharge point. Afterwards we form a suitable team from our qualified technicians. These technicians do not only provide the impulse-flushing-process COMPREX®, but also a lot of experience, know-how and professionality.
In Germany, the COMPREX® cleaning ist performed by Hammann GmbH, in some countries (France, Netherlands, ...) the cleaning procedure is offered by cooperating partners. In other regions, it is possible to purchase the equipment and license. This opportunity enables water suppliers to maintain their networks or offer the COMPREX® process in their country.

Your contact for the field "Municipal"


You are operating or maintaining municipal water distribution networks ?
We are highly looking forward to discuss your issue personally, via phone or vie e-mail.


Our specialists are looking forward to your request.


National and international
Dipl.-Bbw. Thomas Bröde, Managing director
t.broede |at| hammann-gmbh.de

What can you do?
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