The “Air-Water-Rinsing process” according to the DVGW worksheet
W 291 is a reasonable alternative to clean slightly fouled plastic pipes or networks.


There are cases which do not require the extraordinary high performance of the COMPREX®-process. If the priority is set on a high daily performance instead, air-water-rinsing is a reasonable alternative, especially for slightly fouled plastic pipes. According to experience, there are just a few sediments and no hard incrustations in those cases. In pipe with an uncritical topological profile (without remarkable difference in altitude), the air-water-rinsing process cleans successfully and cost effectively.

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Perfectly combined

The big advantage of our processes is their compatibility with each other. The same technical equipment is suitable for air-water-rinsing as well as for the COMPREX® - process. For this reason, we have the option to combine these two processes spontaneously according to the actual situation.This is how we obtain the best and most economical result for you.

Net care as additional benefit

Regularly performed net care is necessary for every water supplier. Air-water-rinsing is an excellent solution for cleaning in shorter intervals. A beneficial side effect is the opportunity to actualize plans, to check gate valves, and eventually re-enable them. This preserves the entire performance of the network and helps to avoid expensive maintenance work.

We proceed according to a plan.

In general we proceed with five technicians, one compressor unit to insert the air via the hydrant for injection and two vehicles which are located at the hydrants for rinsing. According to a well defined sequence, we are working along these hydrants. Our equipment and technology enables us to clean large sections with comparatively low deployment of personnel. Especially the handy “sputniks” are perfectly suitable in the close meshed networks of cities.

Since Air-Water-Rinsing and the COMPREX® process is conducted with the same equipment, we can combine both processes spontaneously on demand.