We, the HAMMANN company are cleaning water pipe networks efficiently and sustainably in Germany and around. Once we started as HAMMANN WASSER KOMMUNAL (English: HAMMANN Water Municipal) and provided our service for municipal water suppliers.

Until today, we turned into a successful competence center for water and offer our services for water pipes in building and for industrial systems.



We offer solutions for your "net works".

Our portfolio is focused on the COMPREX® process which turned us into the market leader.
Nevertheless we are constantly performing research to meet the quickly changing and individual demand of our customers.

We define ourselves not only to be the innovation-driver but also the “net-worker”. Our mission is on the one hand to deliver the ideal result and the best service for our customers and on the other hand to meet excellent standards of economical suitability and ecological sustainability.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced technicians is able to provide perfect solutions for our customers with professionality, competence and state of the art equipment. Our vision: work based on responsibility, transparency and technical progress; today and in future.

The services of HAMMANN are available in Germany and neighbouring coutries either by the HAMMANN company directly or by our cooperating partners. In other regions, we offer the possibility to purchase our equipment with regional license to perform and offer COMPREX®-cleaning services.


Sustainable and energy efficient actions:
We are conscious about our responsibility.


We are daily motivated to treat water responsibly and to ensure its proper state, without burdening health and environment. We are specialized on sustainable and preserving cleaning of pipe systems without chemical cleaning agents. Moreover we consider it to be our task to deliver a contribution to the increase of energy efficiency.

Our customers, no matter whether they come from municipal water suppliers of industry, highly appreciate not only the hygienic, ecological and resource-saving aspect of our work but also the economic aspects such as cost- and time-saving (short times of shutdown). Besides we consider closely your specific demands.