Title:Development and validation of an innovative service package for the effective cleaning in place of heat exchangers without chemical cleaning agents.
Topic:Cleaning of plate heat exchangers with the COMPREX®-process, which should be further developed to clean heat exchangers effectively.
Duration:01.07.2014 till 30.06.2016
Funding:approx. 540.000 Euros
Partners:2 Research partners (IWW Water Centre gGmbH; Technical University of Braunschweig)
1 Company (HAMMANN GmbH)
Initiator and Coordinator:HAMMANN GmbH
Further information:ZIM-joint project WÄRMER
Article Heat Exchanger Fouling and Cleaning 2015


With our two partners, HAMMANN is part of the ZIM-joint project WÄRMER from 2014 till 2016. In that cooperation, we are developing an innovative service package for the für die effective cleaning in place of heat exchangers without chemical cleaning agents.

This service package contains preparation, cleaning and monitoring based on our COMPREX®-process. That process is at the same time enhanced for the effective cleaning of heat exchangers.

Cleaning in Place of heat exchangers result in remarkably short times of shutdown and lower effort. Due to non required chemical cleaning agents, the cost and effort for discharge can be decreased significantly. The monitoring while cleaning is a highly innovative feature but also a requirement for the automatic control of the cleaning process.

The IWW water centre (Mülheim, Germany) develops model deposits, characterizes and quantifies deposits. Furthermore, the success of cleaning deposits such as biofilms. The IWW is also involved in case studies and experiments in the pilot plants to evaluate the performance of the COMPREX®-process. The Institute for Chemical and Thermal Process Engineering (TU Braunschweig) evaluates possible applications and does the thermal characterization of the cleaning process.