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The quality of drinking water is measured by high standards. The operator of a water installation system is responsible for the quality of the water.


We support our customers to deal with that responsibility:
Even in pipe networks with the cleanest water, sediments and impurities occur after a certain time. These sediments support the presence of biofilms and microorganisms. A decreasing demand of water and long residence times are adding to that problem. Nevertheless if contaminations should be removed or just for prevention - we take care, that clean water is availabe from each tap.

What happens at your place:
COMPREX® on mission

If your house installations for drinking water are contaminated, e.g. by legionellae of pseudomonads, cleaning of the ist the first step to remove the contamination, according to the DVGW-worksheet. Turbidities and other impurities can also be cleaned with our COMPREX®-process. The ideal solution for all cases is the impulse-flushing-method COMPREX®.

You just want to prevent turbidities and contaminations? With a COMPREX®-cleaning, we prevent the formation sediments in your installation, and therefore we prevent even worse consequences of these sediments such as contaminations.

In Germany, the various possibilities of COMPREX®-cleaning are offered by the Hammann GmbH directly, in some neighbouring coutries (France, Netherlands, ...) by cooperating partners. In other regions, customers can purchase the equipment and license for the COMPREX®-cleaning. Please don´t hesitate to contact us for further details and information.

Your contact for the field of "Installations"

Do you have a problem with house installations?
We are looking forward to discuss your issue personally, via phone or via e-mail.

Our specialist in this field is looking forward to your request.

Dipl.-Bbw. Thomas Bröde
Managing Director
t.broede |at| hammann-gmbh.de


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