First automated endoscope pre-cleaning!

Validatable, efficient, sustainable


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COMPREX® with a new mission: We are medical device manufacturers

Join us here until market launch

Our aim is to automate endoscope pre-cleaning with our patented pulse rinsing technology.

Our mission: to set a new cleaning standard in the reprocessing of flexible endoscopes with COMPREX®.

We are highly motivated to work on this exciting process.

On the right you can see a prototype of our device.

Currently we are working together with WILD Design on the design development for the hardware of our device.


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COMPREX® News: Our article in Hygiene & Medicine

Brushless cleaning of PTFE test specimens as surrogate of endoscope channels

A reprocessing of reusable endoscopes requires a pre-cleaning, which up to now has been carried out manually as brush cleaning by a specialist. The unpredictability of the ‚human factor‘ leads to the urgent request to replace this manual cleaning by a mechanical process prior to machine disinfection.



We have conducted intensive research on this over the past three years. The research has shown that the COMPREX® impulse rinsing process is suitable for brushless cleaning. You can read part of the results in our article recently published in the journal Hygiene & Medicine.


Benefits at a glance

Advantages of COMPREX®


Validatable and automated pre-cleaning of all channels with pressure testing


Pure mechanical cleaning replaces the use of brushes


Reduced fluid consumption


Cleaning continuously with fresh water, clean separation of discharge


Reproducible results due to cleaning recipes and documentation


Can be integrated into existing cleaning processes and used independently of a cleaning basin

Exchange of experiences

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In the current development phase, we are interested in collecting as much user experience data as possible.

In this way, we want to ensure that the usability of our devices is adapted to the application environment in the best possible way and that it is as user-friendly as possible.

For this purpose, we need user experiences and are interested in job shadowing.

Your contact person

Paulina Lämmer, M.Sc.
Head of Medical Devices


Phone +49 6346 3004-88

Impulses for clean endoscopes

With our patented COMPREX® technology

Compressed air and water are used to trigger mechanical impulses that generate shear stresses on the tube walls, thus efficiently loosening and discharging deposits.


We have researched, tested and patented our COMPREX® process for over 20 years. Our areas of application to date include municipal pipelines and networks, drinking water installations in buildings, and industrial systems.


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