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Mechanical cleaning - with air and water


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Recurring problems with clogged cooling circuits and product lines, contaminated water systems, silted wastewater pressure lines, unplanned downtime – do you experience these or similar problems again and again? Whether industry or supply and disposal companies – every application is individual and yet similar – we at comprex® have years of experience as a solution provider .

Cleaning complex piping systems is a major challenge for every plant operator in day-to-day operations. Time and again, stagnation, loss of efficiency, unplanned downtimes or even failures of the entire plant occur. Clogged piping can be a real productivity killer .

The solution: We clean your plant as a service on site. In addition, with the purchase of“comprex® in place (CIP)” you get continuous and effective cleaning of your plant – whenever you need it.

Purchase or rent your own comprex®system from us and benefit from long-term cost savings.

Our equipment is customized

Industrial plant cleaning

In these areas, we provide solutions with comprex® Engineering for continuous cleaning to efficiently prevent deposits and contamination.


We are specialized in these applications:


Product lines

Cooling systems

Machine cooling

Cooling lubricant systems

Heat exchanger

We offer cross-industry solutions:



Plastics processing



Paints & Lacquers


Geothermal energy

Our system is optimally suited for these processes:

(Clean in place)

(Sterilization in place)


We are specialized in these applications:

Sewer line

Heat exchanger

Drinking water distribution

Waste water pressure lines

Wastewater treatment plants

Sludge lines

We are open to new innovations and also offer special solutions for each area that are optimally adapted to your requirements.

What distinguishes our cleaning technology?

With our comprex® process, we offer an effective, sustainable and resource-saving cleaning alternative.

Let us advise you and we will be happy to convince you with a test cleaning at your site.
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Solutions for your on-site cleaning needs

Our industry solutions at a glance

With your own comprex® plant, you keep your line systems clean and ensure smooth production processes. Get an overview here of which comprex® unit is suitable for your task.

Stationary comprex® units

The stationary comprex® technology enables regular, preventive cleaning of your equipment before deposits form.

Our world novelty

comprex® ToolClean & comprex® ConnectBox

comprex® ToolClean cleans the cooling and temperature control circuits of the molds. Purely mechanical - with air and water. This counteracts the build-up of deposits, biofilms and corrosion products and ensures minimal scrap in your production. Can be combined with the comprex® ConnectBox.

Mobile comprex® Units

The MCU-300 is suitable for cleaning different areas in your plant. The unit can be flexibly connected to various systems.

comprex® Unit

The CU-3300 enables the cleaning of municipal water networks in the areas of drinking water and raw water as well as wastewater pressure lines.

We love challenges

Special solutions for special applications

We are open to new innovations and offer special solutions that are optimally adapted to your requirements.

Mobile comprex® Units

The MCU-1000 is a special design for cleaning product lines, for example at a filling plant for pesticides with frequent product changes.


Competence Center for Mechanical Cleaning

Years experience

The focus and heart of this is the patented comprex® impulse rinsing process developed by us, which we are constantly redefining and expanding at various performance levels. This allows us to adapt it perfectly to the individual, changing tasks of our customers. As a service provider for the cleaning of fluid-carrying systems and as a manufacturer of mobile and stationary cleaning systems, we have been active in various areas and sectors of drinking water supply and industry since 1997.


We regularly report on new developments and innovations.
Find out more about our successful comprex® applications.

Select the industry you are looking for:

Paint & Varnish


Plastics processing





Raw materials

Select the application area you are looking for:


Product lines

Cooling systems

Machine cooling

Cooling lubricant

Heat exchanger

Practical examples

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Large-scale sewage treatment plant

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Paints & LacquersPractical example

Paints and varnishes

The goal of producing preservative-free inks places enormous demands on industrial hygiene during production. With…

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Developed and patented

Comprex® cleaning process

Our comprex® impulse rinsing process works entirely without chemicals, instead using only air and water according to a principle of physics. We inject filtered air into the section to be cleaned – in a controlled and pulsed manner. This creates packets of air and water blocks that flow through the section at high velocity.

They generate enormous turbulence with strong shear and drag forces, whereby they manage to mobilize and reliably discharge existing deposits. The result: clean pipes and clean water – efficient, gentle and economical.

The advantages at a glance

From test cleaning to your own comprex® plant

Just a few steps to a customized cleaning solution

With your own comprex® plant, you keep your line systems clean with "comprex® in place (CIP)" and ensure smooth production processes. Get an overview here of the steps we take to develop your own comprex® unit.

comprex® ToolClean and ConnectBox

Areas of application

– Industrial piping systems up to DN 65


Preplanning & Engineering

Each application requires careful pre-planning. We always take into account the local conditions and effortlessly adapt our comprex® process to the requirements of the equipment and systems in your plant.

During the pre-planning stage, we determine the cleaning sections with feed-in and feed-out points, plan the cleaning sequence and record the general conditions for the design of the comprex® cleaning system.


Test cleaning

We would be happy to carry out a test cleaning with our cleaning technology at your site so that you can personally convince yourself of the comprex® cleaning potential.


Concrete offer

Subsequently, we develop concrete proposals for the implementation of comprex® technology in your company.

Based on intensive preliminary planning, we will submit the offer that is right for you and the requirements of your production. We also advise you on the possibilities of software integration into your operations.


Customized plant

After test cleaning and planning, we know your requirements and adapt hardware and software to the structural conditions of your operation as well as to the desired cleaning intervals.

We manufacture your own comprex® system according to your cleaning requirements. Whether mobile or stationary - our developers and designers plan and build the cleaning unit exactly to your specifications.


Commissioning on site

The first step is the installation of your new comprex® system in your plant. During commissioning, we create suitable cleaning programs for your application. Your "comprex® in place (CIP)" is now ready for use.


Staff training

In the second step, our service staff will train your personnel so that you will be able to operate the comprex® Unit software independently at any time.

The preset cleaning programs and the intuitive touchscreen operation facilitate the handling of the cleaning measures and the setting of the necessary cleaning parameters.


After Sales Service

Even after integration of the cleaning unit at your site, we are available to advise you.

Whether maintenance, software updates, purchase of spare parts or further training - we are at your disposal according to your needs.

Cooperation partners and customers



Customer testimonials

The before and after effect:

The comprex® result

Our patented comprex® process cleans liquid-carrying systems of all kinds across all industries – with impressive results:

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