Wastewater disposal

Deposits narrow the cross-section of your pipes and impair the flow of your wastewater pressure lines? With comprex® we provide a remedy.

In areas with flat topography, wastewater pressure lines transport wastewater from the pumping station to the treatment plant. In general, the tendency is to use wastewater pressure pipes – for example, because of their small nominal sizes. We ensure that you maintain or regain the full function and efficiency of your wastewater pressure lines.

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The problem

Due to the increasing use of energy- and water-saving household appliances and due to demographic change, water consumption has decreased significantly in some regions, resulting in longer residence times of wastewater in the pipelines. During the stagnation periods, deposits form on the pipe walls.


The consequence

Loss of cross-section, longer pumping times, pressure build-up in the pipes, odor nuisance in the area of the outlets, corrosion on sewer structures due to biogenic sulfuric acid, and finally increased energy costs due to the reduced hydraulic capacity.


The procedure

Wastewater pressure lines can usually be cleaned “online” during operation with comprex®. We clean with existing or accumulated wastewater. The water is pumped slowly into the section of pipe to be cleaned and the air is added in pulses via alternating feed points. In the process, we can specifically clean special sections of the wastewater pressure lines, for example, culverts.


The result

Deposits are safely discharged. Bends and branches are no obstacle for comprex®. Depending on the type of deposits and local, especially topographical conditions, we also efficiently clean longer pipelines. For you, this means: You increase the performance of your pipelines and reduce your energy costs at the same time. And since we even clean your wastewater pressure lines during operation, you don’t even have downtime.

Professional cleaning – with comprex®

We make sure that you do not have to worry about your wastewater disposal.

Wastewater pressure pipelines, in contrast to mountainous southern Germany, occur mainly in northern Germany as part of wastewater pressure systems when gravity pipelines do not work there.

Flushing of wastewater pressure lines is initially not mandatory according to DIN EN 1671. However, if the hydraulic performance changes due to flow velocities that are too low, professional cleaning is required.

Longer residence times – more deposits

Due to the general decline in water consumption in recent years, the residence times of the wastewater in the now much too large pipes are increasing and deposits are forming. Sand and grit remain lying around.

The consequences are loss of cross-section, loss of capacity, pressure build-up, but also odor nuisance in the area of the outlets and finally corrosion of sewer structures due to biogenic sulfuric acid. Culverts in particular are critical areas when it comes to sedimentation.

Hygiene wipes and moist toilet paper are also increasingly becoming a problem if they are disposed of improperly in the toilet. This is because they are difficult to biodegrade and settle especially in smaller pipelines. These impairments are difficult or impossible to eliminate with conventional cleaning methods.

Decreasing power – increasing energy demand

With regard to energy efficiency, which is playing an increasingly important role today, cross-section-constricted piping is an important issue. This is because they require more energy and time to transport the water during normal operation and can no longer transport it fast enough during peak times. The performance of the pipeline decreases and the energy demand of the pump increases. However, measures taken at the pumping station alone are not enough to restore the wastewater pressure systems.

We have decades of experience in the municipal sector

Comprex® in wastewater pressure lines - this is how it works!

To ensure safe and energy-efficient wastewater disposal, wastewater pressure lines should be cleaned from time to time. Our patented comprex® impulse rinsing process can be used without great effort. It reliably removes all mobilizable deposits from your wastewater pressure line – during operation.

comprex® also cleans longer distances efficiently. Bends, branches and culverts are no obstacles in this process. In worksheet DWA-A 113 “Hydraulic Dimensioning and Performance Verification of Wastewater Pressure Systems”, the DWA rules and regulations mention the impulse flushing method as a special option for cleaning pressure pipes.

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The advantages of comprex®

Removal of deposits and sieve skin

Mobilizable solid deposits, easily adhering deposits, screen skins and unconsolidated deposits such as sand, grit or gravel are safely discharged. Even debris in culverts is no problem for comprex®.

Improved hydraulics

Removing deposits reduces pressure loss in the pipeline - hydraulics improve. In this way, the performance and disposal reliability of the wastewater pressure line are restored.

Energy efficiency

The improved hydraulics ensure efficient pump operation. The water can flow freely again and needs less time and energy to be transported.

Cleaning during operation with wastewater from pumping station
No wastewater holding with suction and flushing vehicles
Low set-up times, no additional personnel required
Connection of the comprex® unit via adapter to feed point
Only compressed air pulses, no sticking as with pigs
No obstacles due to bends or fittings
Clean culverts or changes in nominal widths without any problems
Small stones and debris are reliably discharged

Why should you choose our process?

comprex® is the efficient cleaning process for wastewater pressure lines during operation for safe and efficient wastewater disposal

Do you have a problem in the municipal area that you would like us to solve? We will be happy to advise you in a personal meeting.

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