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Welcome to comprex® – Competence Center for Mechanical and Industrial Pipe Cleaning

We clean pipelines with comprex® pulses


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We stand for comprex®. We are competently committed to the efficient and sustainable cleaning of piping systems and in industrial pipe cleaning.

We started with pipe network cleaning in Germany more than 25 years ago. Today we offer our services not only in the municipal sector but also for drinking water installations in buildings and for industrial systems.

The Comprex impulse rinsing process works mechanically, using only pulsed compressed air and water. We see it as our task to use water as a resource responsibly and to contribute to an increase in energy efficiency with our work.

Hygiene plays a significant role in drinking water supply and installation. This is what we work for and are committed to every day.

In the field of industrial pipe cleaning, we can successfully clean complex piping systems with special requirements, thereby increasing production efficiency.

We have our finger on the pulse

What moves us -
News and events

News about comprex®
What moves us - News and Events

Our world novelty

comprex® ToolClean

comprex® ToolClean cleans the cooling and temperature control circuits of molds. Purely mechanical – with air and water. Mobile, stationary and system-oriented use is possible and ensures consistent product quality and cycle times. Temperature control circuits remain clean and deposits are prevented.

K 2022

19.10. - 26.10.2022, Düsseldorf
Hall 15, #D24/C24

As a cooperation partner of KraussMaffei, we have the pleasure of presenting our innovation this year at K 2022. We will demonstrate how our comprex® process is ideally suited for cleaning injection molds, thereby enabling efficiency-enhancing production.


Issue 04 - 05/2022

The new technical article by Dr. Norbert Klein and Sebastian Immel deals with condition assessment during flushing and cleaning of pipelines.

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comprex® Impulse

comprex® removes deposits through targeted control of compressed air and water


Elbows & Fittings

comprex® impulses adapt flexibly to changes in the direction of the pipeline


Variable nominal widths

comprex® is suitable for pipe diameters between 1 mm and 1,200 mm


Nominal width change

In contrast to pigging processes, the comprex® pulses flow easily through
Cross-section changes in the piping system – without getting stuck



Comprex Impulse also clean across multiple levels with consistent effectiveness.


Branched systems

The entire piping system is cleaned section by section with comprex



The comprex® impulses easily flow through existing fittings in the system
and also clean dead spaces – where other processes cannot reach


We comprex your lines!

comprex® - industrial pipe cleaning and more

Simple but effective:

For cleaning your pipeline (e.g. in industry, buildings or municipalities) we use our patented comprex® impulse flushing process. This provides you with an effective, continuous cleaning solution that minimizes time, effort and cost, and is available both preventively and when currently needed.

We clean all types of piping systems:

Product lines, cooling and tempering circuits, heat exchangers, plant components, cooling lubricant lines, drinking water distribution networks, waste water pressure lines, etc.

comprex® removes deposits of varying degrees of hardness:

Whether loose sediments, freshly deposited dirt, germs such as legionella or even strongly adhering dirt – the comprex® technology cleans with the power of mechanics. Whether it’s sludge, paint or food, the goal is to get your lines clean again and keep them clean for the long term. Regular cleaning of your equipment contributes to efficient, hygienic production.

How to do it?

In contrast to conventional water flushing, we use targeted pulses of compressed air and water. Our process therefore works purely mechanically without aggressive chemicals and still achieves the desired cleaning effect for all types of pipelines.
Our cleaning units are connected to the rinsing section to be cleaned. From there, filtered compressed air is introduced into the line in a controlled and pulsed manner. Inside the pipe – with the water remaining there – packets of air and water blocks are created, which flow through the pipe section at high speed (up to 20 m/s).
These packages generate enormous turbulence with strong shear and drag forces that mobilize and reliably discharge the deposits on the pipe walls.
The result: clean lines and clean product – efficient, gentle and economical.

comprex® Compared to a conventional water flushing system

Water flushing
comprex® process

The powerful cleaning impulses from air and water are not only effective, but use up to 90% less water than a water flush.

The comprex® impulses reach a speed of up to 70 km/h in the pipe. In comparison, the water flush only manages 10 km/h with great difficulty.

70 km/h = 20 m/s
10 km/h = 3 m/s

The dissolving power for deposits is 10 to 100 times stronger with comprex® than with water flushing. Cleaning is nevertheless gentle on the pipelines, as the pressure remains below the system pressure.

We comprex your lines!

Efficient cleaning without any chemicals







Why should you choose us?

With our comprex® process, we offer an effective, sustainable and resource-saving cleaning alternative.

Let us advise you and we will be happy to convince you with a test cleaning at your site.

The comprex® process is versatile:

Our industry solutions at a glance

With your own comprex® unit, you keep your line systems clean and ensure smooth production processes. Get an overview here of which comprex® unit is suitable for your task.


We have many years of experience in cleaning municipal piping systems to ensure drinking water supply and wastewater disposal in your subject area.



Drinking water pipes

Well lines

Raw water pipes

Waste water pressure lines

Wastewater treatment plants


We remove deposits and biofilms from cold water pipes and hot water circulation pipes inside buildings. Our assignments range from residential & office buildings, hospitals, schools, swimming pools and beyond.





New installations


With comprex® we can successfully clean complex piping systems with special requirements. We are used from metal, plastic and paint production to highly regulated pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries and clean industrial pipes.



Product lines

Cooling and temperature control systems

Machine cooling

Cooling lubricant

Heat exchanger


Recurring problems with clogged cooling circuits and product lines, contaminated water systems, silted wastewater pressure lines – do you experience such or similar problems again and again? Whether industry or supply and disposal companies – every application is individual and yet similar – and: we at comprex® have years of experience with all these cases.

You can also install your own comprex® unit in your facility.


Paint and varnish industry

Chemical industry

Plastics processing

Tools for plastic injection molding / comprex® ToolClean

Large-scale sewage treatment plants


With our comprex® process, we are setting a new hygiene standard in the medical industry for the pre-cleaning of flexible endoscopes.


Endoscope pre-cleaning

You would like to benefit from our comprex® process?

These options are ready for you

From test cleaning to the integrated comprex® system - we develop the right solution for your problem!

Service / Service

Timely and flexible cleaning service

For one-time to repetitive applications.

Restore the efficiency of pipelines and remove deposits and germs.

Quick solution

High cost-benefit effectiveness

Uncomplicated and flexible

Plant construction / Engineering

Acquisition of own cleaning plant

For regular applications

Ensure consistent efficiency of piping and equipment and permanently prevent deposits and contamination.

Short downtimes

Increased process reliability

Increasing the efficiency of lines

Permanent cost savings


Competence Center for Mechanical Cleaning

Years experience

The focus and heart of this is the patented comprex® impulse rinsing process developed by us, which we are constantly refining and expanding at various performance levels. This allows us to adapt it perfectly to the individual, changing tasks of our customers. As a service provider for the cleaning of fluid-carrying systems and as a manufacturer of mobile and stationary cleaning systems, we have been active in various areas and sectors of water supply and industry since 1997.

Customer testimonials

Practical examples

We regularly inform about new developments and innovations. 

Inform yourself with our practical examples of the areas:


Large-scale sewage treatment plant

Application of the stationary comprex® technology of sludge lines in a large wastewater treatment plant of a European capital.


Cooling tower printing

Cleaning of smooth tube heat exchangers in a cooling tower

Professional articles and publications

We regularly inform about new developments and innovations. 

Inform yourself with our professional articles of the areas:

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Successfully performed comprex® cleanings

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