Turbidity in drinking water installations

Eliminate turbidity in drinking water

Intensive and mechanical cleaning of your drinking water system with comprex®.

The cause of turbidity in drinking water installations is usually corrosion, especially in old steel pipes. This is usually noticeable by a reddish-brown discoloration of the drinking water. Corrosion products can clog filters, strainers, aerators or angle valves. In addition, the cross-section of old steel circulation pipes is decreasing. This reduces the flow rate.

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Things to know about turbidity

Frequently asked questions:

The cause of cloudy or brown water is usually old “galvanized” steel pipes. The pipes and fittings had a zinc coating during manufacture. Pipelines with these components are only suitable for certain waters. During operation, zinc forms cover layers and protects the steel. In unsuitable water, zinc corrodes in a short time and can no longer protect the steel. Iron corrosion products form and eventually the water turns brown (rust water).

Drinking ferrous, i.e. rusty, water is basically not dangerous. Thermal waters, for example, can have high iron concentrations. The Drinking Water Ordinance has 0.2 mg Fe/l as an indicator parameter.

Cloudy water is a sign that these pipes have reached the end of their useful life. Depending on the building’s use, renovation is a difficult task and requires careful planning. Intensive cleaning, if necessary with subsequent water treatment, can be a sensible measure to extend the time window until remediation.

The cleaning measure requires careful preliminary planning. It is necessary to record the situation on site and to check the feasibility of cleaning. If all prerequisites are met, a schedule for carrying out the cleaning is drawn up. Follow-up measures such as water treatments are coordinated with the customer.

Disinfectants are oxidizing agents. They accelerate corrosion and the formation of corrosion products. In contrast, cleaning can help further.

The COMPREX® impulse rinsing process cleans intensively with compressed air and water only. It is used for solid deposits and incrustations as well as microbial contamination. As experts in mechanical cleaning, we have been applying our COMPREX® process to pipelines and systems since 1997, and to drinking water installations since 2005.

Operators often report that they spend a long time looking for an effective solution to turbidity problems, including those associated with contamination. The mechanical COMPREX® cleaning of drinking water installations is well established. It is an economical and gentle solution for turbidity. Cleaning is a prerequisite for successful water treatment in order to extend the time window until the plant is rehabilitated.

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