Water distribution

Deposits as well as biofilms impair the flow and quality of drinking water. With comprex® and extraQt® we provide a remedy.

Our No. 1 foodstuff – drinking water – flows here. The highest hygienic requirements apply from the waterworks to the transfer station at the end user. Our goal is to ensure that you can always supply consumers with hygienically safe drinking water.

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We clean your drinking water pipes



The problem

In spite of all care, more or less solid deposits occur and in old metal pipes there are signs of corrosion. Microorganisms settle and biofilms settle on the pipe walls.


The consequence

Rust water, turbidity, sometimes even microbial deterioration.


The procedure

We take the pipeline sections to be cleaned one by one and work through them systematically. Our comprex® units deliver triple-filtered compressed air, while our intelligent software control ensures that the air pressure always remains below the operating pressure of the pipeline. In contrast, our extraQt® process works without air using a powerful suction pump for network maintenance and condition detection.


The result

With comprex® , mobilizable deposits are reliably discharged – without chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment, without excessive water consumption, and without stressing the piping system through pressure surges.

extraQt® removes easily mobilized deposits and solids. Thanks to the high daily output, a care rinse can thus be realized particularly economically.

We have years of experience in the municipal sector

comprex® in drinking water pipes - this is how it works!

Our patented comprex® process works purely mechanically using only compressed air and water. Learn more about this fascinating effect here.

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We also offer slide maintenance in addition to comprex® cleaning.
Please feel free to inform yourself about our comprex® netcare service.

We have years of experience in the municipal sector

extraQt® in drinking water pipes - this is how it works!

With extraQt® we have the ideal tool for the maintenance flushing of your drinking water networks. Thanks to the powerful suction pump, we remove easily mobilized deposits effectively and quickly.

You would like to get more information about our extraQt® process?

In addition to extraQt® cleaning, we also offer a condition-based network evaluation, which enables us to give you a very simple overview of the condition of your drinking water networks.


Dissolving power

The packets of air and water flow through the cleaning section at speeds of up to 20 m/s. They generate turbulence with strong Shear and drag forces. This way deposits are loosened on the inner surfaces of the pipelines.


Impulses from air and water

The introduced compressed air expands inside and, together with the slowly inflowing water, generates impulsive blocks of water and air.


SCU stand module

By means of software control, the comprex® unit selectively injects compressed air pulses and water into the section to be cleaned.


Discharge is collected

The dissolved particles are discharged from the line and collected on filter fleece for documentation. The discharge is disposed of properly.

Why should you choose our process?

With our cleaning processes, we offer an effective, sustainable and resource-saving alternative.

Do you have a problem in the municipal area that you would like us to solve? We will be happy to advise you in a personal meeting.

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