Water extraction

Deposits constrict the cross-section of your pipes and impair flow, pump performance and energy consumption? With comprex® we provide a remedy.

Raw water is the raw material from which drinking water is produced. From wells it reaches the waterworks with the use of pumps via raw water pipes for treatment. With comprex® we restore the performance of your raw water and well lines.

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The problem

Raw water contains substances that form deposits in the pipelines, especially during stagnation periods. Pipe cross-section and capacity are increasingly reduced by the deposits.


The consequence

Pumps run longer, energy consumption increases. In the worst case, supply bottlenecks are imminent.


The procedure

Depending on the nominal size, we bundle the power of one or more comprex® units to generate the required air volume for our compressed air pulses and introduce it into the pipeline. If required, we can of course clean your pipelines during the night.


The result

With comprex®, your raw water and well lines are thoroughly and gently cleaned so that they regain their original capacity and economic efficiency in the long term. This will save you energy and costs. And all this without environmental pollution, because without chemicals and additives.

We have years of experience in the municipal sector

comprex® in raw water pipes - this is how it works!

With our patented comprex® process, we clean raw water pipes – using only compressed air and water. Learn more here!

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