Stationary comprex® Unit SCU

Regular and integrated cleaning avoids deposits

The SCU cleans piping systems, production plants, apparatus, heat exchangers and much more. Purely mechanical - with air and water..

Advantages of the SCU at a glance:

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Mobile comprex® Unit MCU-300 for your operation

The MCU-300 universally cleans industrial systems, pipelines, cooling systems, coolant lines and much more. Purely mechanical - with air and water.

Advantages of the MCU-300 at a glance:

A SCU man using a laptop in a factory.

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comprex® for your business

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Universally applicable

Mobile and flexible

Automated cleaning

Minimal operating effort

Always available on site

Time independent

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Wide range of possibilities

Keep your piping systems and plants clean with our sustainable and resource-saving comprex® cleaning technology!

Let us advise you on the various possible applications of comprex®.

The comprex® process

The principle of cleaning with comprex®

Innovative cleaning technology

Features of the SCU at a glance

Find out here what makes our stationary comprex® units so special.

Regular cleaning avoids deposits

integrated into your plant

Permanent availability

Automation for optimum operating processes

Universally applicable

Compact dimensions

Control and comprex® module can be used locally separately if required

robust design

Intelligent comprex® control software

Plant-specific cleaning programs

Display and transmission of status messages

prepared for remote maintenance via VPN

Minimal operating effort

Automation through integration in customer’s plant control system (PLC)

Communication via standard industrial interfaces

No manual operation required

Simple integration

Compressed air connection

Water connection

Power supply

Commissioning and instruction

individually at your place

Ideally directly in the production environment

by experienced comprex® technicians

Wide range of possibilities

Get our sustainable and resource-saving cleaning technology comprex® for your operation!

Let us advise you on the various possible applications of comprex®.

Successful practical examples with comprex®

Our stationary comprex® units have already solved many tasks.

Practical exampleWastewater treatment plants
Large-scale sewage treatment plant
The formation of deposits in sludge pipes led to an increased maintenance effort in plant operation. By using a stationary comprex® unit, the time-consuming manual ...
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Professional articles and publications

Paints & LacquersProfessional article

FARBE UND LACK: New impetus for plant cleaning

The comprex® process ensures hygienically flawless production facilities even with preservative-free production of water-based coating materials. As a process-integrated stationary version, they operate in an ...

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