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Clean water at all times

130 liters of drinking water are consumed by everyone every day.

Facts and figures

Our services in facts and figures

KM Cleaned lines per year
Average operations per year
m³ Water saved per year

Clear and clean water is not a matter of course

That is why municipal network maintenance is important

As the "No. 1 foodstuff", drinking water in Germany plays a pioneering role in a global comparison. The Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV) ensures excellent quality.

Your water supplier ensures around the clock that every consumer receives the best drinking water in sufficient quantities.

In the drinking water network, however, deposits can form in the pipes over time and cause turbidity. comprex® is used for network maintenance, removes deposits and ensures clean pipelines.




The maintenance of the municipal network is important

Comprex® cleaning process

Water suppliers ensure that consumers have enough drinking water in hygienic condition at all times.

Water suppliers test drinking water for microbiological and chemical parameters in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance.

We have over 25 years of experience with our comprex® cleaning process.

We support your municipal provider in the professional cleaning of the networks

Our employees do their best every day to keep the water flowing for you.

With our comprex® trailers we produce hygienically perfect compressed air. We use these to clean the drinking water network.

No water is available to you for a short time during cleaning. Information on this can be obtained from your water supplier.

Advantages at a glance

This makes our patented cleaning process unique

Compared to conventional water rinsing, comprex® has significantly stronger dynamics and cleaning power. In the process, comprex® consumes considerably less water.

comprex® is a purely mechanical cleaning process. It works sustainably with compressed air and water only.




Who are we?

How and where does comprex® work?

A look behind the scenes: see the diversity of our process and who we are.

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The comprex® process

How does comprex® work?

Watch the video of our process and let the momentum of our process take you away.

You have questions about cleaning the
municipal networks at your location?

Your water supplier will be happy to inform you.

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