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We clean your industrial plants - with air and water

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Industrial plants and systems have special cleaning requirements due to their complex structure and the large number of different industrial pipelines, apparatus and assemblies. As experts in mechanical plant cleaning, we have the necessary know-how, personnel and equipment.

Our patented comprex® cleaning process has been used successfully for years in various areas of plant cleaning. Learn more here about the wide range of applications and the advantages of our mechanical cleaning process – without the use of chemicals.

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Industrial plant cleaning

We offer cross-industry solutions:

Paint & Varnish


Plastics processing





Raw materials

Energy supply

Our system is optimally suited for these processes:

(Clean in place)

(Sterilization in place)

The comprex® process mobilizes and removes deposits, biofilms and contaminants from your equipment. The combination of air and water cleans effectively and gently at the same time.

Why should you choose us?

Do you need competent support in cleaning your systems and equipment so that you can work cleanly and efficiently again?

Let us advise you and we will be happy to convince you with a test cleaning at your site.

The comprex® process is versatile:

Our industry solutions at a glance

With our patented comprex® process, we keep your line systems clean and ensure smooth production processes. Get an overview here of the applications for which comprex® cleaning is used.


Deposits constrict the cross-section of your lines and affect flow, pump performance and energy consumption. With comprex® we provide a targeted remedy.


Product lines

Your product lines show deposits or no longer deliver the desired flow rate? Then it’s time for comprex®.


Cooling and temperature control systems

Corrosion problems, biofilms, or compromised cooling performance plaguing your cooling systems? Put your trust in comprex®.


Machine and tool cooling

The cooling capacity of your machines is reduced? Are you experiencing increased cycle times or increased scrap in production?
With comprex® we optimize the cooling of your machines.


Cooling lubricant (KSS)

The necessary cleaning of the screens and filters of your cooling lubricant lines leads more and more often to downtimes of your plants? Eliminate the causes of the blockages with comprex®.


Heat Exchangers & Heat Exchangers

Your heat exchangers are no longer working efficiently? Then it’s time for comprex®.

In addition to cleaning stationary heat exchangers and piping on site at your facility, we operate a comprex® cleaning center at our location in Landau.

Cooling circuits and towers

With comprex® we offer an alternative to chemical cleaning of cooling circuits.

Cooling tower types:

Extinguishing systems

Functioning extinguishing systems are an essential part of fire protection.
Deposits can impair the function. With comprex® we create security.

Heating systems

Deposits in heating circuits and heating systems significantly reduce the flow rate and heat transfer. They cause considerable operating problems in the long term. With comprex® we provide a remedy.

comprex® is efficient and effective

Our services in facts and figures

KM Cleaned lines per year
Average operations per year
m³ Water saved per year

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We regularly report on new developments and innovations.
Find out more about our successful comprex® applications.

Practical examples

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Injection molding machines medical technology

Cleaning of mold and machine circuits of injection molding machines with main system in clean room area
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PipelinesPractical example

Extinguishing water pipeline logistics and transport company

Comprex® cleaning of several extinguishing water systems including sprinkler systems as well as supply and connection lines
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Heat exchangerPractical example

More practical examples – heat exchangers

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Cooling and temperature control systemsPractical example

More practical examples – cooling systems

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Mechanical cleaning of heat exchangers with comprex® (eng)

The impulse flushing process Comprex® originates from pipe flushing in water distribution networks.

Developed and patented

Comprex® cleaning process

Our comprex® impulse rinsing process works entirely without chemicals, instead using only air and water according to a principle of physics. We inject filtered air into the section to be cleaned – in a controlled and pulsed manner. This creates packets of air and water blocks that flow through the section at high velocity.

They generate enormous turbulence with strong shear and drag forces, whereby they manage to mobilize and reliably discharge existing deposits. The result: clean pipes and clean water – efficient, gentle and economical.

The advantages at a glance

A clean result in just a few steps

Our approach

We operate across a wide range of industries and specialize in versatile cleaning applications. Find out here how our comprex® process can successfully and efficiently clean the many systems.


Individual preplanning

Every cleaning measure requires careful pre-planning. We always take into account the local conditions and effortlessly adapt our comprex® process to the requirements of the equipment and systems in your plant. During the pre-planning stage, we determine the cleaning sections with feed-in and feed-out points and plan the cleaning sequence.


Define the input and Output points

For cleaning, we can often use existing inlets and outlets or connections on the system to be cleaned. Standardized adapters simplify connection. Depending on the conditions on site, we use the water from the system itself or from other supply systems for cleaning. The cleaning of the main pipelines is followed by the cleaning of apparatus such as heat exchangers or machines.


Bringing in the comprex® impulses

Controlled by special software, we introduce targeted pulses of compressed air and water into the section to be cleaned via the feed points. Depending on local conditions, our large self-sufficient comprex® trailers or smaller compact comprex® units are used. The mobile units require only electricity and compressed air or inert gas from the customer’s plant.


Compress & Expand

The compressed air introduced into the pipeline or apparatus expands inside and, together with the slowly inflowing water, generates impulsive blocks of water and air. These cleaning-effective packages flow through the cleaning section at velocities of up to 20 m/s.


Debris removal

The highly accelerated air and water blocks generate enormous turbulence with strong shear and drag forces on the inner surfaces of the pipelines. In this way, biofilms and deposits can be mobilized and reliably discharged. With comprex® , we nevertheless clean gently and always remain below the permissible system pressure.


Turbidity monitoring

We document the purging process precisely. The success of comprex® cleaning can be seen, for example, in the heat transfer and system characteristic curves. A sight glass is used to monitor the turbidity, which makes the loading of the rinsing water with detached particles visible. If necessary, the discharge can be collected and assessed with filter fleece in the decompression box.

We are at work for you

Our technicians

We are flexible, personal and discreet for you in use. With our many years of experience we can
pre-plan complex tasks thanks to the sophisticated comprex® technology and process them on site in a targeted manner.

Customized application technology

Our equipment

We operate across a wide range of industries and specialize in versatile cleaning applications. Find out here how our customized application technology can successfully and efficiently clean the many systems.


Areas of application

– Injection molding tools
– Industrial piping systems up to DN 16


Areas of application

– Industrial piping systems up to DN 65


Areas of application

– Municipal water networks
– Raw water pipes
– Industrial piping systems
– Waste water pressure lines

Additional equipment

The comprex® process mobilizes and removes deposits and biofilms from your system. Depending on the application, our versatile additional equipment is used.

Connect box

Solid injection

The before and after effect:

The comprex® result

Our patented comprex® process cleans liquid-carrying systems of all kinds across all industries – with impressive results:

Successfully performed comprex® cleanings

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Operations per year

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