extraQt® process

extraQt®: That means an extra amount of Q in an extra short time t. The quick water flush for light cases in drinking water distribution.

The full cleaning power of our comprex® process is not required everywhere. In lighter cases of pipe network maintenance or as a maintenance measure of thoroughly cleaned networks, our water suction flushing extraQt® is the appropriate solution: for example, for rust water, easily mobilized corrosion films and deposits at flow velocities of 0.5 to 1.5 m/s. It is also suitable for use as a flushing agent in accordance with DVGW Code of Practice W 291 for the discharge of soft deposits and light contamination at flow velocities of 2 to 3 m/s.

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Exciting effect

This is how our extraQt® process works

The extraQt® process is based on the effect of the targeted build-up of the so-called drag or wall shear stress of the moving water flow and its acceleration. This is achieved by using an effective suction pump at the outlet hydrant that is variable over a wide range of capacities. Due to the associated increase in the water withdrawal volume, the drag stress increases dynamically and thus develops its release force. Corrosion films and deposits such as iron-III compounds are reliably and quickly removed.

Optimally Calculated

Of course, with extraQt®, our water-suction flushing system, all usable parameters are also used for the online calculation of the optimum drag stress and control of the stress peaks: nominal pipe size and material, topographical course of the pipe and length of the flushing section. And, of course, everything is precisely documented for you.

Extra large rinsing areas

Depending on local conditions, we can process up to 1.5 km of flushing section for DN 80 to 100, and up to 5 km in length for DN 125 and above. Our technology currently makes it possible to flush nominal diameters up to DN 300, and in some cases even up to DN 400, with extraQt®. Success is determined by factors such as hydraulic conditions, possible withdrawal quantities, topography and network conditions. In local networks, we can provide daily services from 5 to 8 km.

You can profit from this

The advantages of ExtraQt®

In addition to extraQt® cleaning, we also offer a condition-based network evaluation, which enables us to give you a very simple overview of the condition of your drinking water networks.

Why should you choose our process?

With extraQt® a high daily output is achieved -. with low rinsing water consumption and high economic efficiency.

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