comprex® process

Our pulses with the highest efficiency and cost-benefit ratio ensure clean pipelines and remove deposits with little effort.

comprex® is an impulse rinsing process developed by us and proven in practice. Innovations and patents constantly redefine it in terms of performance. comprex® works entirely without chemicals, instead on a physical basis – using only air and water.

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This is how our comprex® process works

In a pipeline section, the distance between two gates, water initially flows in slow, laminar flow before it exits at the discharge point. We make use of the available water and introduce targeted pulses of filtered compressed air via the feed point. This forms packets of air and water blocks that move through the pipeline section at high speeds of up to 20 m/s or 70 km/h.

These highly accelerated packages generate enormous turbulence with strong shear and drag forces, whereby they manage to mobilize and reliably discharge deposits. Many municipalities still have old pipelines made of fracture-sensitive materials, such as gray cast iron pipelines. We can even clean these pipelines reliably and gently, because we always remain under the network rest pressure. The air blocks act like airbags, preventing pressure surges.

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comprex®: five benefits for your network operation

Qualitative network security

Means: hygienically perfect water from clean pipelines

The removal of mobilizable deposits by comprex® cleaning deprives microorganisms of their refuge. If the drinking water is contaminated, e.g. due to external events, thorough cleaning of the pipe network is one of the basic prerequisites for successful disinfection.

Hygienic network safety

Means: hygienically perfect water from clean pipelines

Hygienically safe drinking water can only flow from clean pipes. Thorough cleaning of the pipe network is therefore one of the basic requirements for hygienic network operation.

Ecological network security

Means: water fit for human consumption without organic impairment

The comprex® cleaning removes biofilms and deposits that serve as food and refuge for animals such as aquatic isopods. Only thorough cleaning of pipelines can eliminate or prevent contamination of drinking water.

Technical network security

Means: documented condition of the valves in the pipe network with comprex® netcare

The condition and function of the shut-off valves must be checked regularly. This is because deposits can form in the housing of the open gate valves during mains operation and impair their functionality, causing them to close inadequately or not at all.

Energy-efficient mains operation

Means: flow-optimized and documented condition of the pipe network

Deposits in the pipelines lead to cross-sectional constrictions, so that the energy demand of the pumps increases. The comprex® cleaning removes the mobilizable deposits and thus saves pump energy, an important prerequisite for energy-efficient network operation.


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The advantages of comprex®

We also offer slide maintenance in addition to comprex® cleaning.
Find out more about our comprex® netcare service.

Why should you choose our process?

With our comprex® process, we offer an effective, sustainable and resource-saving cleaning alternative.

Do you have a problem in the municipal area that you would like us to solve? We will be happy to advise you in a personal meeting.

Practical examples

We regularly report on new developments and innovations.
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