Years of experience in use at a glance


Let our successful application examples and references convince you.

Years of experience in use at a glance


Let our successful application examples and references convince you.

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The comprex® process has already been applied in many ways

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With our comprex® process, we clean and flush pipelines, and with our comprex® netcare and ExtraQt® process, we have the ideal complement to safeguard the municipal water cycle.

The comprex® process mobilizes and removes deposits as well as biofilms from your drinking water installation. You are welcome to read about practical examples here.

With our patented comprex® process, we keep your line systems clean and ensure smooth production processes. Here you can find all references in the field of industry to read.

We also have the right solution for your operation in the field of plant engineering. Please take a look at our references to find out more about the different areas of application.

Practical examples

We regularly report on new developments and innovations.
Find out about our successes with our practical examples.

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  • Cooling and temperature control systems
  • Cooling lubricant
  • Machine cooling
  • Pipelines
  • Product lines
PipelinesPractical example

Extinguishing water pipeline logistics and transport company

Comprex® cleaning of several extinguishing water systems including sprinkler systems as well as supply and connection lines
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Practical exampleProduct lines

Cleaning of a test system at a manufacturer of water-based coatings

Existing deposits and product residues should be removed from the system.
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PipelinesPractical example

Large-scale sewage treatment plant

Cleaning of sludge pipes of the large sewage treatment plant of a European capital city
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PipelinesPractical example

Chemical Park Production Plant

Industry | Practical example | Piping Chemical Park ...
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Cooling lubricantPractical example

More practical examples – cooling lubricant systems (KSS)

Here you can see further reference projects on the topic "Industry - Cooling lubricant systems (KSS)".
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Machine coolingPractical example

More practical examples – machine cooling

Here you can see more reference projects about "Industry - Piping".
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Professional articles and publications

Have we aroused your interest? Learn more details about comprex
in the technical articles and puplications.

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Video footage

Explore our video footage and learn more about us, our comprex process, our research and much more.

How does the comprex® process work?

Imagefilm from 2021
(translated from the german by HeyGen)

Play Video about A man in a suit standing in an industrial setting with machinery and pipeline cleaning equipment in the background, identified by an on-screen caption as Hans-Gerd Hammann, CEO of Hammann GmbH.

comprex® ToolClean – detailed description by Hans-Gerd Hammann (translated from the german by HeyGen) 

Play Video about Professional Toolclean expert standing next to industrial equipment in a warehouse.

Our world novelty comprex® ToolClean – brief description

Cosmetics Pipe Cleaning – comprex® vs. Water Rinsing

Metal cubes vs. comprex® cleaning

Tomato ketchup vs. comprex® cleaning

Paint vs. comprex® cleaning

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