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More practical examples - waste water

Cleaning of various wastewater-carrying pipes with our patented comprex® process.

Wastewater pressure lines (ADL), sludge lines, grease lines, pipelines on wastewater treatment plants.

Stationary Comprex® unit large-scale wastewater treatment plant – cleaning of sludge lines of the large-scale wastewater treatment plant
of a European capital

Download AB-05 (710 KB)

Cleaning of the waste water transport pipeline Kindelsberg restaurant
City Kreuztal
Download ADL-24 (716 KB)

Cleaning a grease line
Stadtentwässerungsbetrieb State Capital Düsseldorf Wastewater Treatment Plant Düsseldorf-Süd
Download ADL-23 (793 KB)

Cleaning of the wastewater transport pipeline between Festenburg and Neu-Schulenberg
Sewage company of the mining and university town of Clausthal-Zellerfeld
Download ADL-22 (706 KB)

Cleaning of a DN 600/800 wastewater pressure line by means of synchronization of 4 COMPREX® units
Wastewater treatment plant Cuxhaven
Download ADL-21 (382 KB)

Cleaning of a DN 125 wastewater pressure pipe
City Voerde
Download ADL-20 (492 KB)

Cleaning of ADL up to nominal size DN 400 with two synchronized Comprex® units
Large city in Thuringia
Download ADL-19 (384 KB)

Cleaning of the thick sludge line of the mechanical pre-thickening system
Sewage sludge treatment plant Langenbrahm in Essen, Ruhrverband
Download ADL-18 (731 KB)

Experience report Flushing of penstock by Jörg Hirschfeld
Grastrup pumping station, Bad Salzuflen
Download ADL-17 (1.243 KB)

Systematic cleaning of the sewage network on a regular basis
Download ADL-16 (288 KB)

Experience report by wastewater master Jörg Hirschfeld
Schwarze Brede pumping station, Bad Salzuflen
Download ADL-15 (165 KB)

Care cleaning of different ADL in annual rotation
Dillingen on the Danube
Download ADL-14 (165 KB)

Regular cleaning of various ADLs ensures operation
Joint municipality Bruchhausen-Vilsen
Download ADL-13 (202 KB)

Recurring cleaning of various wastewater pressure pipes
Nienburg District Water Management Association
Download ADL-12 (119 KB)

Annual cleaning of various wastewater pressure pipes
Peine water board
Download ADL-11 (155 KB)

Regular cleaning of wastewater pressure pipes since 2012
Celle, Abwasserentsorgung Südheide GmbH
Download ADL-10 (220 KB)

Cleaning of centrate water and primary sludge lines
Ruhrverband Wastewater Treatment Plant Bochum-Ölbachtal
Download ADL-09 (502 KB)

Maintenance cleaning Stadtentwässerung Arnsberg
Download ADL-08 (264 KB)

Cleaning of the sewage pressure network in the city area
Download ADL-07 (153 KB)

Preventive cleaning of a wastewater pressure line (ADL)
Download ADL-06 (237 KB)

Regular nursing cleaning of various ADL
Download ADL-05 (185 KB)

Care cleaning of an ADL to prevent odor nuisance.
Download ADL-04 (371 KB)

Cleaning of an ADL to avoid odor emissions
Download ADL-03 (263 KB)

Regular cleaning of an ADL
Download ADL-02 (435 KB)

Cleaning of an ADL due to impaired hydraulics
Download ADL-01 (396 KB)

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