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Tool cleaning

Cleaning of 2 different tools at KraussMaffei

Reference project KraussMaffei Technical Centre


System structure

MCU-20 + decompression box:

Here designed as a mobile unit with integrated water tank, feed pump. In the return flow is the screen deck to accommodate filter fleeces (Fig.1)

Technical data

Cleaning with the comprex® process


For illustration purposes, the cooling channels were cleaned individually and the discharge was documented in each case with a new filter fleece. Fig. 4 shows the respective discharge in the fliter fleece for 6 separate cooling circuits.

Advantages for the operator

Result of comprex® cleaning

Advantages of regular comprex® cleaning

Deposits mobilized and discharged

Improved hydraulics

Reduced pressure drop

Improved energy efficiency

Increased profitability

Improved efficiency and process reliability

Cleaning with the comprex® process


The cleaning of the two-part injection mold showed that the loads on individual cooling channels can vary greatly, as indicated by the deposits on the filter fleeces and the measured pressure losses. This has fatal consequences for production operations. Coatings and deposits have an insulating effect and reduce the heat exchange, which leads to longer cooling times and thus cycle times in the plant. Inevitably, this reduces production output. Also associated with this is the quality of the manufactured products, deviations in heat exchange are immediately reflected in the dimensional stability and surface.

Why should you choose us?

With our comprex® process, we offer an effective, sustainable and resource-saving cleaning alternative.

Let us advise you and we will be happy to convince you with a test cleaning at your site.

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