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Your comprex® cleaning center in Landau

Your comprex® cleaning center
in Landau

We operate a comprex® cleaning center for you in Landau and offer on-site cleaning services.


comprex® cleaning center

In addition to cleaning stationary heat exchangers and piping on site at your facility, we operate a comprex® cleaning center at our engineering and development facility in Landau, Germany. There we currently offer the following cleaning services:

  • Cleaning of brazed and gasketed heat exchangers
  • Cleaning of cooling channels in injection molds

You have the option of sending both individual and series of dismantled heat exchangers to our site and having them cleaned by us, for example, during a planned shutdown of your equipment.

Preparatory and accompanying we offer to carry out the following engineering services:

  • Feasibility study for little-known contamination with creation of a customized cleaning strategy
  • Documentation of the cleaning result
    Photography, endoscopy, turbidity measurement, pressure and flow measurements, collection of dirt discharge on filter fleece
    Upon request, we will provide you with the results of the documentation in the form of a results report with

Heat exchangers and intercoolers of unusual geometry are connected to the heat exchanger cleaning stand. For this purpose we can provide Storz C, 2 inch Kamlok and GEKA connections.

Evaluation of the results

Results documentation

In addition to cleaning your heat exchangers, we offer you various options for evaluating the result and documentation, which can be supplied in the form of a results report on request.

The following options are available, which can be ordered individually and in combination.

The turbidity curve during cleaning shows the effectiveness of the comprex® process compared to water rinsing and can be recorded by us photographically but also metrologically in NTU units.

The collection of the discharge flow on filter fleece enables the subsequent observation of the composition of the contamination.

As a result, future cleaning strategies can be defined more precisely.

Photography and endoscopy provide an insight into the cleaned canals.

Additional option

The capabilities of air and water can be extended in difficult cases. The accompanying use of surfactants or preconditioning with a citric acid solution makes it easier to dissolve oil contamination or lime. The effectiveness of the mechanical cleaning and the solution-boosting additives reinforce each other, so that a high level of cleaning effectiveness is achieved with comparatively gentle use.

Alternative to new procurement

Economic cleaning strategy

Internal cleaning of brazed heat exchangers, especially if performed regularly, increases their service life. This cleaning strategy is the economical alternative to purchasing new heat exchangers. The comprex® process and its combinations are effective against a wide range of contaminants and replace several individual cleanings effective against one type of contamination at a time.

The following examples illustrate the economics:

1: Cleaning of a small brazed plate heat exchanger (size: L x W x H = 310 mm x 110 mm x 100 mm) costs 130 € and saves its replacement for about 500 €.

2: Cleaning of a medium size brazed plate heat exchanger (size: L x W x H = 610 mm x 190 mm x 140 mm) costs 300 € and saves its new purchase for about 2700 €.

In general, the prices for cleaning are based on the external dimensions of the plate packing, the presence of special soiling and the cost of connection to our cleaning technology.

We offer documentation with upscale requirements as an additional option. Depending on the needs and the problem, the result of cleaning the individual heat exchangers is documented.

The following tools are available for this purpose:

– Photography
– Endoscopy
– Turbidity measurement
– Flow measurement and
– Collecting the rinsing water discharge on filter fleece

The results are summarized in a report by one of our engineers and supplemented by a conclusion and recommendations. The cost of this depends on the number of heat exchangers and the depth of the documentation. For example, a report of the results of cleaning 12 heat transfer with photographic and endoscopic documentation and measurement of the turbidity of the rinse water discharge costs 480 €.

Why should you choose us?

With our comprex® process, we offer an effective, sustainable and resource-saving cleaning alternative.

Let us advise you and we will be happy to convince you with a test cleaning at your site.

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