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Tool cleaning Shoe industry

Tool cleaning Shoe industry

Cleaning the Cooling channels From two Injection molds at a manufacturer of Plastic components for shoes

The customer order


Result of comprex® cleaning

Sampling of the flushing discharge with a turbidimeter (measurement in NTU units)

Drinking water < 5 NTU
Non-transparent liquid 800...1000 NTU
Flushing of polluted channels 100...200 NTU
Flushing discharge after start of Comprex > 700 NTU
After cleaning with Comprex < 20 NTU ("technically clear")

Contamination after the previous test cleaning


Flow rate at 1 bar pressure difference – values and pictures from framas

Cleaning with the comprex® process


“Ushe conclusion: The test of the Comprex unit can be rated as quite positive. The cleaning effect can be seen as very good, in some cases even blockages could be dissolved. Due to the rather simple operation, the unit could be operated without any problems after the short instruction. No problems were encountered during the test phase. At this point, we would like to thank you again for the test opportunity and the trust you have placed in us.”

Oliver Leis, Manager Sample Injection, framas

Result of comprex® cleaning

Advantages of regular comprex® cleaning

Purely mechanical cleaning without chemicals

Cleaning by compressed air pulses and water

Dirt and debris removed

Less dysfunction

Less scrap

Economic production

Why should you choose us?

With our comprex® process, we offer an effective, sustainable and resource-saving cleaning alternative.

Let us advise you and we will be happy to convince you with a test cleaning at your site.

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