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More practical examples - piping

Cleaning of various pipelines with our patented comprex® process.

Well pipeline chemical industry
COMPREX® cleaning of an ochred well pipe including a plate heat exchanger.
Download INDU-22 (346 KB)

Piping Ion Exchanger Food Industry
Cleaning of various piping systems in a meat factory
Download INDU-30 (141 KB)

Product piping paint manufacturer
Test cleaning of a test system at a manufacturer of water-based coatings
Download INDU-43 (182 KB)

Waste water pressure pipe paper industry
Cleaning of a DN 300 wastewater pressure line with two coupled Comprex® units
Download INDU-52 (251 KB)

Waste water pressure line power supplier
Cleaning of the wastewater pressure line of a power supplier
Download INDU-65 (175 KB)

Extinguishing water pipeline logistics and transport company
Cleaning of several extinguishing water systems including sprinkler systems
Download INDU-68 (343 KB)

River and brackish water pipes
Cleaning of river and brackish water pipelines including several downstream systems.
Download INDU-73 (370 KB)

Well pipeline chemical park
Cleaning of 4 well pipes DN 65 / DN 80 of a groundwater purification plant
Download INDU-76 (323 KB)

Valve maintenance

Valve maintenance chemical park
Testing of 2,266 valves in various water networks
Download INDU-51 (183 KB)

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